Dryer Vent Cleansing: Water From The Vent Line

I met an Owner at one of his attributes one other working day who experienced an important h2o situation along with his Vent Covers Pro . Immediately after assembly the Operator, he took me to his basement and opened up a closet. There was a versatile dryer hose hanging proper before my face in a large U formation. The Proprietor claimed, “I think you can find water in right here.” Certainly, this is the reason his Tenants have been obtaining difficulty drying their clothes.

I grabbed the hose, jostled it back and forth, and the seem of water made a whooshing sound, it felt like there was two gallons of water while in the vent line. The burden of these types of an enormous volume of water triggered the duct line to sag to a few feet above the floor. Thankfully, the hose failed to nonetheless crack and cause drinking water damage around his ground.

I claimed into the Home-owner, “The builder have to have already been pretty lazy mainly because he really should never ever of put in this sort of versatile dryer vent line in the partitions. He should have installed the rigid steel style of dryer duct.” Regrettably, builders sometimes put in the versatile foil type of duct line in partitions, and possess been even identified to often exit the dryer duct into attics which can be incredibly harmful.

Each time a versatile vent is installed as opposed to the rigid steel form, if there is just a little water condensation from drying garments, this h2o can build up and begin to sag the vent line. And in the event the duct line sags, it just collects a lot more and more drinking water. Unfortunately, the h2o will at some point entirely clog the vent line when it sags, and absolutely block the airflow. When you can find an airflow blockage due to drinking water buildup, it could possibly seriously injury a dryer and make even a strong new dryer worthless.

At times, the water might also come from the outside once the exterior deal with just isn’t sealed adequately and rainwater pours to the dryer duct. The simple answer for this is certainly to seal the outside vent deal with with obvious caulk or to set up a brand new include. The outside vent go over for this homeowner was less than a overhang where rain would not achieve it, and so the h2o was surely coming from his apparel. Commonly, drinking water condensation within the duct line isn’t a problem, but given that he had a versatile hose in the wall, the slightest amount of money of water caused it to sag and trap additional plus more water.

I grabbed a considerable plastic bucket, positioned it under the sagging vent line, took out a pen, and popped it by using a hole. It nearly felt like a surgical treatment. The h2o gushed outside of the duct line and to the bucket coupled with a combination of lint. Following all the drinking water drained, I basically taped up the hose with vent tape.

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